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We believe not only in choosing from the finest materials and a wide range of styles on your project, we also believe that the secret ingredient is YOU.  When we start working together, we'll sit down either at our showroom, or in your home and discuss the details that will make your interior everything you wished for, and more.

John Skehan, the owner of Designed In Lismore, brings three decades of experience of designing and creating custom interiors to this conversation. Together we'll discuss not only the cabinetry design and functionality but how the room will be used and design for your specific needs. We make the whole experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. 

Our partner, Delta Concinas in Spain complete a team that establishes the best in design, carpentry and finishing. Read more below.

Delta Concinas

John's Spanish partner brings 25 years of design and build quality to the table. Delta Concinas has become an iconic Spanish brand based on their contemporary designs combined with traditional build quality. Together John and Delta can create a truly unique kitchen for you.

Visit their site

Having acquired a house in Kinsale, I was looking for something special for our custom kitchen. The first and only person  I approached  was John, having worked for me  in New York,  I knew the standard of his work would be impeccable.

I'm delighted  to  say he did not disappoint  and actually  surpassed  my expectations. Thanks John. 

Dennis  McCarthy. 

President  Eljin Construction, New York City.

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